City May Tighten Beach Parking Time Wednesday

Published by July 14, 2013 by Imperial Beach Patch.

Imperial Beach residents who live near the beach were sent a letter last fall which said information gathered at two public forums about possible changes to parking near the beach would be gathered for a report then City Council would decide what to do next.

Among possible changes were parking meters, parking permits or changes to time restrictions.

Instead of a report and request for guidance from City Council, on Wednesday City Council may approve a resolution to restrict street parking near the beach to a two­hour time limit. If approved the change will impact more than 100 parking spaces on Seacoast Drive from Elkwood Avenue to Palm Avenue and on Palm Avenue from Seacoast Drive to 3rd Street.

The two­hour limit would be enforced from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week.

At public forums held in November and December and attended by about 200 people, a majority of residents opposed parking meters and parking permits.

Due to strong opposition, meters and permits were dropped from consideration, Public Safety Department director Tom Clark told IB Patch and City Council in May when the city changed its parking ticket enforcement and penalties policies.

No changes to parking are planned for residential areas near Palm Avenue, Seacoast Drive and Palm Avenue thoroughfares.

A two­hour limit for street parking near the beach received strong support from members of the business community, a staff report included in the July 17 meeting agenda states.

“The vast majority of the businesses were in favor of the recommendation to go to a two­hour limit with active enforcement,” the report states.

Some opinions from residents and IB business community are summarized in the staff report. However the report provides little detail on public opinion and no opinions from residents about two­hour limits.

Many residents at one public forums told the city to keep parking the way it is now. Click here to read more opinions from local residents and the city’s explanation for the need to change parking time limits.

There are a total of 92 spaces available for street parking along Seacoast Drive from Elkwood Avenue to Palm Avenue. Currently, 52 spaces have 72­hour limits, 18 have two­hour limits, and 22 have 30­minute limits, the report states.

There are currently a total of 47 spaces along Palm Avenue from 3rd Street to Seacoast Drive, of which 30 have 72­hour limits, and 17 have two­hour limits.

A two­hour parking limit would impact roughly 30 spaces on Palm Avenue, according to the report.

With the creation of the Ecoroute Bikeway on Palm Avenue, additional parking spaces have been added north of 3rd Street on Palm Avenue. Three paid parking lots are available for visitors on Seacoast Drive.

Monday morning street sweeping parking restrictions would also be enforced under the proposed resolution for the following streets:

­ Palm Avenue from Seacoast Drive to 5th Street
­ Imperial Beach Boulevard from Seacoast Drive to 4th Street ­ Seacoast Drive from Palm Avenue to Encanto Avenue

No parking on the first and third Monday of the month from 6­9 a.m. on the north and west sides of the street. No parking on the second and fourth Monday of the month from 6­9 a.m. on the east and south sides of the street.

Changes to parking at street ends on the beach may be enforced in the future.

See the letter to residents and staff report attached here. Visit the city website to see the full July 17 agenda packet.

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