Hillary Clinton Supporters Watch Speech at Bail Bonds Office


Published Aug. 27, 2008 by SunSentinel.com Florida Politics Blog on assignment at the Democratic National Convention. 

Away from the glitz of the convention floor in a bail bondsman’s office Tuesday night, I watched Hillary Clinton’s speech with Just Say No Deal, a collection of anti-Obama, pro-Clinton voters.

Inside their Denver headquarters, all attention was set on a big screen that was set on top of boxes. About 50 Just Say No Deal folks watched. They came from across the country.

Just about everyone seemed noticeably agitated or angry. A few people in the back of the room began to cry as a Hillary Clinton’s greatest hits video was played before she came on stage.

The crowd was eerily in tune: Each call for party unity by Clinton was met with a resounding “No” from the group. Boos and hissing rose with each mention of Obama or his wife Michelle.

Just Say No Deal has received a lot of attention from the media these past few weeks as it sought voices of dissent. The organization has existed for a few weeks, but members have made appearances on most major networks and publications worldwide, including Larry King Live after the speech.

Daniella Taylor lives in Wichita, Kan., but is moving to Hollywood soon to be with her fiancee.

She heard Hillary’s speech but refuses to listen. She would have no regrets if McCain won the election and now plans to vote for McCain in November: “He’s not the fascist and the George W. Bush clone like Obama is.”

Kimberly Haas cried in the hallway away from her pals. She used to write diaries for the Daily Kos blog and said she coined the phrase “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit,” which Clinton referenced a few minutes into her speech.

“I’m so glad that she mentioned that because it means to me that she recognizes the people that were behind her all this way,” Haas said. “I am going to work tirelessly for down ticket Democrats, but I am going to vote my conscience when it comes to the presidential election.”

“No matter what happens this election, no matter what happens this convention, we’re not going to give up,” she said. “We’re going to continue pushing our issues… We’re going to continue to push for everything she stands for.”

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