Imperial F*cking Beach Shirts Remember Old IB, Maker Says

Imperial F*cking Beach

Published Nov. 26, 2013 by Imperial Beach Patch.

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Cheryl Bushee lives on 3rd Street with her cat Pickles and has been in Imperial Beach for 40 years.

About a year ago she started to sell black shirts with no logo or graphics. Just screaming, white, capital letters on the back that read “IMPERIAL F*CKING BEACH.”

“Some people give you the old turd look, like the guy’s got a turd under his nose,” she said squinting her nose and laughing. “It’s not disrespectful but anyone who knows old IB knows the idea.”

“Several people have told me what a piece of sh*t I was for wearing a shirt like that. Or ask ‘Well what don’t you like about IB.’ I love IB That’s why I haven’t left yet,” Bushee said.

Bushee wants to make her shirts popular with young people and skateboarders but does not intend to sell them to kids, she said.

Shirts go for $20 and hoodies for $30. To purchase a shirt call 619-575-4982.

Joe Powell can be seen wearing the shirt as he rides around South Bay on his 2000 Harley Davidson Sportster motorcycle to remember “the last of a wild freaking frontier” that Imperial Beach used to be.

“I’ve had lots of people pull me over on my bike looking to get one,” he said.  “It’s a catchy little phrase, isn’t it?”

The shirts were made in memory of old IB, Bushee said. Development and the attraction of new businesses is positive but IB shouldn’t lose its small town feel or scrappy spirit.

“This used to be a wild damn town,” she said. “The town has come a long way and progressed but some people want to ruin it or don’t like that we’re a one horse town. That’s what we like about it.”

“There are some people with their noses in the air. You want to live in Coronado then move to Coronado. I love my IB. I love it with all my heart. I wouldn’t live anywhere else.”

What do you think of the shirts? Proud? Ashamed? Do they say something about the spirit of Imperial Beach or what IB used to be? What do you think IB has gained or lost over the years? 

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