Local Man Found Dead in Chula Vista Described As a ‘Happy Soul’

Originally published Aug. 17, 2011 by Imperial Beach Patch.

Chris Block, 24, of Imperial Beach was found dead near Church Avenue and G Street in Chula Vista Friday morning, the Chula Vista Police Department said.

Sgt. Kenny Heinz told the Chula Vista Star-News that the cause of death has yet to be determined, but that he may have fallen off the roof of Butlers Auto Repair. The roof of the automotive shop was sometimes used as a place to drink or smoke cigarettes, nearby residents told the Star-News.

An official with the Chula Vista Police Department could not be reached for further comment Sunday.

Larry Block said his son was a “happy soul you may say.”

“He was just a fun-hearted 24-year-old kid just like any other 24-year-old. Life had just opened the door for him and God closed it,” Larry Block said.

His son had his challenges, but he left on a positive note, his father said.

Block graduated from in 2005 and worked several odd jobs and with family at Distinguished Fire in Imperial Beach, but was recently hired to work with a company in Reno doing fire-control systems work, his father said. He was scheduled to start at the beginning of September.

“He told me, ‘Dad, I’m tired of jobs. I want a career.’

“There’s a hole in my heart,” his father said. “You never realize how much you miss something until it’s gone.”

Block enjoyed partying, playing the guitar and the company of friends.

“He loved the guitar,” his father said. “He never took a lesson in his life but yet he could hear a song and pick it up and play that song. That’s what he loved.”

“You could see him hanging out at Dunes Park, playing his guitar on the pier. The beach inspired him with music,” said Robert Simmons, a close friend to Block.

He described Block as someone who loved the beach and the type of person who brightened up other people’s day. He remembers Block “jamming on his truck at 8 a.m. so my neighbors could hear.” The two knew each other since elementary school but didn’t begin to hang until they were teenagers.

Lately they went to a lot of concerts together and Block acted as an extra hand with Simmons’ music company, 91932 Productions. They attended their last concert together last month at Cricket Ampitheater.

Simmons created a Facebook page in Block’s memory and plans a surf paddle out next Sunday.

As of 1 p.m. Sunday, more than 75 posts have been added to theChris Block Memorial Page on Facebook, ranging from elementary school friends to family.

A concert in his memory is also being planned, which should take place within the next two weeks. Check back with IB Patch later for more details or follow the Chris Block Memorial Page on Facebook.

A memorial service will be held Aug. 19 from 5-7 p.m. at Humphey’s Mortuary at 753 Broadway in Chula Vista. A funeral service will be held Aug. 20 at 11 a.m. at Ocean View Church at 2460 Palm Avenue.

“His quote was ‘Life is crazy,’ ” Simmons said. He wrote a song called Life is Crazy and finished the lyrics a few months before passing away.

“It hurts a lot of people, you wouldn’t even imagine,” Simmons said. “He was family to everybody. Chris was family.”

Block is survived by his mother Tina Marie Block, father Larry and two sisters, Shauna and Amber.

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