Students Protest Going to Class at Mar Vista High School

Published May 26, 2012 by Imperial Beach Patch.

A group of about 10 Mar Vista High School students refused to go to class Friday.

Instead, they sat on the school’s front lawn wearing signs that said “I Love My Rights,” from morning until classes ended.

“This school is blatantly violating our human rights as human beings. There’s an obstacle course of laws that make it so we’re forced to come to school,” said junior Mayan Moon.

When asked why they were protesting, the students complained of classes that are taught toward increasing standardized test scores, of art classes are being cut, and of coure, about homework.

Some students claimed they were treated poorly by Mar Vista’s School Resource Officer.

Principal Wes Braddock could see the students outside his office window.

“I asked them to present a list of concerns and the only concern I got from them today was why do they have to come to school, which really isn’t actionable. It’s state law,” he said.

For him, he said,┬áthe need to come to school “goes way beyond a law.”

“As a kid growing up who moved from apartment to apartment, an education was my only ticket to a semi-successful life.”

Things are even tougher now, even with a high school diploma, he said, but an education is still a key to the American dream.

The student’s parents were notified of the incident.

Some of the students protesting had below average grades and needed to be in class, Braddock said.

Mar Vista students will be on break until classes resume April 9.

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