Veteran of 10 Conventions Campaigned for First Black, Female Candidate

Eufaula Frazier, 83 of Miami, is attending her 10th Democratic National Convention as a delegate from Florida.

Her first was in Miami in 1972.

“It was [George] McGovern running then, and at that time black folks were not involved really, very few, in the national political process,” she said. “The motto at that time was people before politics.”

She was campaigning for Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, the first black women to seek the presidency. Then-Gov. Reuben Askew appointed her to be a host to the Miami convention.

“In 1972, my first convention, the poor peoples of this country went into the convention hall the day before the convention, and we had our convention first,” she recalled.

She joined the civil rights movement and helped put together the first Women’s Congress in 1977 in Houston, Tex. As a black woman, she’s proud of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, but she is an Obama delegate.

Frazier knows he faces challenges: “His task is going to be even more than Martin Luther King.”

“Because of MLK that’s why he is where he is now,” she said. “It will not be easy for him, but what we have to do is keep pressing, having faith and believing. He cannot stop.”

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